Peer to Peer Informational Forums

In Peer to Peer Informational Forums, high school students are invited to engage in a collaborative and informative dialogue with their collegiate-level peers on what it takes to prepare for the next step in their educational careers. In this format, the college students are invited to share personal stories of the challenges and successes they’ve experienced and to guide the younger students in a “Day in the Life” campus tour experience.

Day in the Life of Corporate America

Through the Day in the Life of Corporate America program, high school students are invited to travel on-site for a day-long informational experience at the home one of our business and corporate partners. The schedule consists of several activities aimed at educating and exposing students to the variety of technical career opportunities in addition to providing them with an overview of the mission and core values of the sponsoring corporate partner.

Inspired Heart Mentoring Program

The Inspired Heart Mentoring Program partners high school students with seasoned industry professionals who serve as a guide as they prepare to transition from high school to college and, ultimately, the workforce. IHYE has a wide and diverse network of professionals in STEM-focused careers that have a passion for mentoring and ensuring the success of tomorrow’s workforce. To reinforce this cycle of success, we also encourage all of our mentees to one day become mentors themselves.

Summer STEM Engagement Scholarships

Our Summer STEM Engagement Scholarships provide financial assistance to high school students looking to attend a summer workshop or camp experience focused on STEM-related pursuits. By partnering with respected summer programs that have a proven track record of inspiring young learners with a love of STEM, we can facilitate a hands-on experience that will drive these future leaders into STEM-focused careers.