Important Notes of interest: from Dereck for developers

Hello Crystal,


Just an FYI to inform you that I’ve completed all the requirements for course 2 & 3 and uploaded on my site several pictures that I used or had options to use on our original site that I was building in WIX. Most are pictures that came from the WIX public catalog and 2 are pictures I took from a project I presented (marked IHYE originals). Per our conversation: I’ve created a Facebook account: (login: / pw” dlp092953)  (FB wouldn’t allow me to use a bogus name like inspired heart!). Created Instagram account: (IHYEMedia), and created LinkedIn account:  user:  pw: dlp092953.


If there is anything else other than what we discussed that you require please let me know, I will be at a conference all day tomorrow so will for the most part be out of pocket but can respond to text or email.


I look forward to meeting you Sat..






Dereck L. Purnell

Inspired Heart Youth Empowerment, Inc
Cell (770) 639-7200

God is always calling us to a higher purpose; we just need to answer


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